Spiritual State of the Meeting, 2020

Dear Friends,

TL;DR: Please send your reflections about the Spiritual State of our Meeting to Alex Zealand before 1/20: You can reach Alex by email at arzealand@gmail.com.

Each year, the regional body of Friends to which our Meeting belongs—Baltimore Yearly Meeting—asks us to consider the spiritual state of our Meeting so that Friends can take stock of the spiritual state of our Yearly Meeting as a whole.

This year, the queries BYM has asked us to consider are:

  • How does Spirit prosper in your Meeting? How have you protected the Spirit this year?
  • What are Friends doing to support one another? How have you addressed the conflicts that have arisen this year?
  • What does spirituality mean to you and your Meeting? How does your Meeting reflect that? Has it been different or the same during 2020 with the coronavirus pandemic and discussions of racial equality, climate change, and the presidential election?

Of course, these are only our suggestions and you may consider other queries if they would better serve the goal of deepening the spiritual life of your Meeting. 

Greg Robb and Gary Sandman
Co-clerks of BYM Ministry and Pastoral Care Committee

Additionally, AMM’s Ministry and Nurture Committee would like Friends to consider: How has the Spirit protected us, how has the Spirit gathered us, in these uncertain times?

In order to compose a draft report for first reading at our next business meeting in 2nd month, our Ministry and Nurture Committee asks Friends in the Meeting to send their thoughts and responses to Alex Zealand before Wednesday, 1/20. You can reach Alex by email at arzealand@gmail.com.

We typically ask our committee clerks to send Ministry and Nurture summaries of their activities and spiritual discernment in order to shape our Spiritual State of the Meeting report. Because so few of our committees are operating during the pandemic, we especially ask Friends from all our virtual benches to send their thoughts.

You can see last year’s Spiritual State of the Meeting report here.

Thank you!