February 2018 Children’s Religious Education

CRE on February 11 will feature a special presentation on the Baltimore Yearly Meeting camping program. Katie Bliss, of the BYM Camping Program Committee, will be bringing some young campers to talk with our children about what camp is like. Katie plans to stay over lunch to talk to parents of potential campers. Please plan to be there!

On the fourth Sunday in January, our regular “service Sunday,” we put together 50 lunch bags and delivered them to the Kennedy
homeless shelter just down the road on Route 1. The kids did a great job. We plan to do it again on the fourth Sunday in February.

Also, please remember to bring non-perishable food items for our United Community Ministries food drive. If all of us bring a couple of cans each week, we can easily reach our goal of collecting a ton of food by the end of 2018.

Here is the CRE schedule, subject to adjustment. As you can see, we need a couple of volunteers to take one week a month with the wee ones. Please Deborah Haines know if you can help.

February 4: My True Self

Wee Ones: Nancy James

5 to 11: Deborah Haines

12 and up: Eli Courtwright/Kelli Moore

February 11: The Baltimore Yearly Meeting Camping Program

Wee Ones: (volunteer needed)

5 and up: Katie Bliss

February 18: My True Self

Wee Ones: Sandra Palmer

5 to 11: David/Gordon & Anita Allder-Stephens

12 and up: Eli Courtwright/Kelli Moore

February 25: Service Project: Lunch Bags for the Homeless

Wee Ones: (volunteer needed)

5 and up: Matt Fox