October 2017 Children’s Religious Education

Our October theme for both classes will be “My True Self”—the foundation of the testimony of Integrity.

On October 8, we’ll have a special event. Genny Haskins, who works for the National Park Service, will be leading the children in Native American games. Teaching these games was one of her responsibilities when she worked as a ranger at Chief Plenty Coups State Park in Montana, and she has offered to share them with us. Please try to come for this special day!

October 1: My True Self

Wee Ones: Nancy James

5 to 11: Deborah Haines

12 and up: Eli Courtwright and Kelli Moore

October 8: Native American Games with Genny Haskins

Wee Ones: Leslie Gallagher

October 15: My True Self

Wee Ones: Sandra Palmer

5 to 11: David Robinson and Gordon Roesler

12 and up: Eli Courtwright and Kelli Moore

October 22: Service Project (to be announced)

Wee Ones: Lauren Rosario

October 29: Sharing My Spiritual Journey (volunteer needed!)

Wee Ones: (volunteer needed)