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November 2018 Adult Religious Education

November 4: Baltimore Yearly Meeting Visitor (Ned Stowe)

BYM General Secretary Ned Stowe will be visiting AMM to hear from Friends with questions, concerns or suggestions that might help the Baltimore Yearly Meeting serve local Meetings more effectively.

November 11: “Who We Are” Committee: Sharing Our Stories

You know who you are. But here’s a question for you: Who are we at Alexandria Monthly Meeting? The Who We Are Committee seeks answers to interesting questions about this community we share. Join us to learn why and how you can help by telling your own story.

November 18: Who/what is VIC? (Claudia Carpenter and Nancy James)

You hear almost weekly announcements at meeting referring to VIC. VIC or Ventures in Community is also listed in our annual budget. We invite you to come and learn more about this vital non-profit organization active in our Route One neighborhood. Who knows? You might discover a place for yourself in all of this activity.

November 25: Thanksgiving Weekend Worship Sharing (Davis Balderston)

December 2: Inquirer’s Session (Deborah Haines)

This will be another opportunity for us to explore questions about the Quaker way and what it means to be a Quaker. To get the conversation started, write down your question, or the topic you would like to talk about, and deposit it in the box on the front hall table. Thank you!