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Silent Night: Candlelit Worship on Christmas Eve

7–7:30pm: Zoom-based Worship
Please join us for waiting worship in the manner of Friends, facilitated by Zoom, as we come together in the Light. We welcome you to safely light a candle as you are led. Contact us here for more information.
7pm: At the Woodlawn Meetinghouse
We gather in worship at the Woodlawn Meetinghouse, followed by friendly fellowship. Electric candles are provided. Please check the safety guidance below.

Updated Safety Guidance for Christmas Eve Worship

Clerks have been in consultation with Ministry and Nurture this week, given the massive rise in the last few days in Fairfax County of the new COVID strain infections. The following new protocols will be in place for in person worship, and we ask that Friends dress appropriately warmly.

It feels important to come together at the Meetinghouse to share this moment. We understand that these new changes, while making it safer for all, may make it difficult for some. So Zoom worship will also still take place, with music beginning a few minutes before 7pm and worship from 7-ish to 7:30. Children are welcome, both in person and on Zoom.

  • Christmas Eve worship WILL take place at the Meetinghouse.
  • All three EXTERNAL doors to the porch from the Meetinghouse will be OPEN during worship, so it will be COLD, even with the Meetinghouse heating system going.
  • We ask that Friends use these direct doors into the Meetinghouse, as well as the “normal” front door. There will be someone at each entry with extra masks, and with the “candles” for each worshiper.
  • The cookie exchange will be on tables set up on the FRONT PORCH.
  • Given these changes, we do not know if having the piano music after worship, for enjoyment by Friends out on the porch will be practical or not.
  • Previously announced mask and distancing protocols still apply.

Be Well, Friends!
Co-Clerks and the Ministry and Nurture Committee

Further Details (Previously Announced)

  • There will be both Zoom and In-Person worship from 7–7:30pm on Christmas Eve. Childcare is not provided, as even the smallest children are welcome and may enjoy the “candlelight” 30 minutes.
  • There will be piano music before and after Zoom worship and after In Person worship: Both Jerry (for Zoom) and Dave Maley (in person) have volunteered to provide music to celebrate the season. There will be music a few minutes before Zoom worship and then following both Zoom and in person worship.
  • For those attending at the Meetinghouse in person, there will be a bagged cookie exchange in place of “normal” Christmas Eve hospitality: In lieu of refreshments, bring a dozen or more of your favorite cookies, bagged in batches of 3-5. Please label your bags with what kind of cookies are inside, and include any allergen, specifics such as gluten free, units, or dairy free.


  • Attendees must wear masks, and a person will be at the entrance to the Meeting Room to ensure this.
  • Social distancing will be maintained for seating, with family groups seated together as appropriate.
  • A HEPA filter will be in operation in the meeting room to further reduce the possibility of viral transmission.
  • There will be no indoor singing, and no food or drink will be served.
  • If attendance overwhelms the available space in the Meetinghouse, we will do overflow worship in the Buckman Room.
  • Personal conversations and fellowship before and after the meeting are encouraged!