October 2017 Adult Religious Education

October 1 “Introduction to Quakerism 2: Quaker Process” (Deborah Haines)

In 1656, a group of leading Quakers meeting in the town of Balby wrote a letter describing how Friends should handle the work of their meetings. “The Epistle from the Elders at Balby” laid out principles still shaping Quaker process today. The experience of being gathered in worship in the presence of God served as the foundation for the entire structure. The qualities inherent in silent meeting–integrity, simplicity, community, spiritual equality, and harmony—are manifested in Quaker ways of maintaining order, making decisions, and building community. In this session we will look at the historical roots and present reality of Quaker process, and its spiritual dimension. October 1 is World Quaker Day, sponsored by the Friends World Committee for Consultation! Come celebrate, and learn about how Quaker ways help unite the diverse world of Quakerism.

October 8 “The Gospel of Thomas” (Mark Notar)

The Gospel According to Thomas is one of the many non-canonical writings that is attributed as documentation of the teachings of Jesus. The full text was discovered near Nag Hammadi, Egypt, in December 1945 among a group of books known as the Nag Hammadi library. These texts are believed to have been hidden to avoid destruction during the purging of non-canonical texts after the Roman institutionalism of Christianity. No one knows with certainty who was the author of the text. The introduction claims the source was from “Didymos Judas Thomas.”

October 15 “Restorative Justice Initiatives in Fairfax County” (Davis Balderston)

Restorative Justice concepts have been developed as an alternative to incarceration. These concepts emphasize admission of wrong-doing and working with the perpetrator and victim to fully understand the consequences of the wrong-doing, and make appropriate restitution. County school system for several years and the County is expanding the application of restorative concepts to first offenders in the Courts.

October 22 “Our Life Is Love” (Bill Hecht)

This day we will explore “Our Life is Love: The Quaker Spiritual Journal” by Marcelle Martin, 2016, Inner Light Books. Bill will give a presentation of her discovered pattern of early and modern Friends path to / in the Light.

October 29 “The Old Testament Minor Prophets” (Paul Jacob)

Rarely referred to or quoted, the last twelve books of the Old Testament are called the Minor Prophets. This ARE will examine the background of the Minor Prophets, why were they included in the Bible, and why they could be of interest to us.