June 2017 Adult Religious Education

June 4 – On Speaking Out of the Silence

Bill Hecht will lead a worship sharing considering how each may experience vocal ministry during worship, based on “On Speaking Out of the Silence: Vocal Ministry in the Unprogrammed Meeting for Worship” by Douglas Van Steere [Pendle Hill Pamphlet #182 (1972)].

June 11 – William Penn House – Quaker Service and Witness

Andrei Israel, Executive Director, will share news about the work of William Penn House supporting Quaker social witness. Celebrating 50 years of Quaker presence on Capitol Hill, William Penn House is expanding its programs of service, activism, and radical hospitality.

“Quaker Speak” Lunchtime Discussions

“Quaker Speak” is a five-minute online video resource that briefly introduces an important aspect of Quakerism. On the fourth First Day each month, we will bring our lunch plates to the Meeting Room to view one video and discuss the ideas it sparks among us. Childcare to be arranged. Here are the topics for the summer months (you can use the links to look at the shows beforehand, too):

June 25: “Quakers and The Inner Light”  http://quakerspeak.com/quakers-the-light/

July 23: “Quaker Worship: The Challenge of Sitting in Silence” http://quakerspeak.com/quaker-worship-challenge-of-sitting-silence/

August 27: “Why I Worship with Other Kinds of Quakers”  http://quakerspeak.com/why-i-worship-with-other-kinds-of-quakers/

NOTE: Quaker Speak programs will continue in the fall, starting in October.