December 2017 Adult Religious Education

Dec. 3 10:00 “Beyond Metaphor: Perceptions of God” (Richard Capron)

References to God always exceed the adequacy of our language and concepts. As a consequence, we rely on symbolism and metaphor to characterize what we know and experience of the divine. But as we expand the limits of ordinary sense perception, do the old references need to give way to a more precise knowledge of God? In principle, is it possible to grasp the divine presence with greater scientific rigor? Can we transcend ordinary sense experience to know much more of God than our spiritual ancestors?

Dec. 10 10:00 “Alice Paul” (Jamie Stiehm)

Alice Paul was a bold birthright Quaker who took nonviolent resistance out to the streets of Washington. President Woodrow Wilson was her target every day as she led woman suffrage to victory in 1920. Jamie Stiehm is a nationally syndicated columnist for Her work on politics and history has appeared in The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Washington Post and many newspapers across the nation.

Dec. 17 10:00 Virginian Interfaith Center for Public Policy (VICPP)

Advocacy Issues for 2018 (a presentation by the Peace and Social Concerns Committee)

Every year, VICPP identifies issues that it will focus on in the year’s legislative session. In the 2018 legislative session, VICPP will focus on expanding health care coverage, strengthening laws protecting workers right to prompt payment of wages due, and raising the threshold for felony prosecution for theft. More information is available at the VICPP website: The VICPP website also has an advocacy toolkit, which gives tips on how to communicate effectively with your Senator and Delegate. If you don’t know who your Senator or Delegate is, you can find out at:

Dec. 24 10:00 Christmas carols with Jerry Allen

7:30 to around 8:00PM Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship

Battery-operated candles provided. Fellowship, holiday punch, and snacks after worship. Bring food to share if you want.

Dec. 31 10:00 “The Book Of Ruth” (Paul Jacob)

Ruth made an unexpected choice showing love, loyalty and commitment to her mother-in-law in a difficult situation.
As Quakers, what can we take away from Ruth’s example?