Adult Religious Education: November 2017

November 5 — How Healing Works: Part 1 (Wayne Jonas)

November 12 — Introduction to Quakerism 3: Quaker Worship (Deborah Haines)

In gathered worship, we can experience a new way of being. When we quiet our minds and embrace the silence, there is nothing to entertain or distract us. We are freed, for a time, from all the troubles and worries of daily life. We can take off the mask we wear in public, and simply be ourselves. We can rejoice in the company of those who are sharing this journey with us, knowing that we are all equally children of creation, bound together in infinite love. Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, and Equality. Come explore how the experience of Quaker worship is the basis for everything we do as Friends.

November 19 — Islam and the Islamic Community in the United States (Imam Zia Makhdoom)

We have asked the Imam what we should know about Islam, especially in today’s world, and what we can do to spread understanding and respect and reduce fear.

November 26 — How Healing Works: Part 2 (Wayne Jonas)

December 3 — Beyond Metaphor: Perceptions of God (Richard Capron)

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