Worship With Us: Online or In-Person

We currently have two meetings for worship every Sunday:

Friends gather virtually using Zoom to connect. Please contact us for more information.
Friends gather in person at the historic Woodlawn meetinghouse.

All are welcome!

Meetings for Worship at the Woodlawn Meetinghouse

Meeting for worship gathers each Sunday at 11am, at the Woodlawn meetinghouse. Childcare and children’s religious education are provided.

Silent, Waiting Worship

We gather in silence in the presence of God. In the silence we may worship and listen to the voice of the Spirit. Out of the silence messages from God may also come to us in the spoken word or prayer.

Our Meetings for Worship are open to all. We invite you to come—online and in person at 11am every Sunday.

During the school year, First Day School is offered during the worship hour for children, and Adult Religious Education is offered during the 10 o’clock hour.

What to Expect in Quaker Meeting for Worship